“Nice Work, Chris!”, his aunt, Liz Taylor would say.

Yup. THAT “Liz Taylor”.

My friend Jason grows and sells quality high protein alfalfa hay. One of his clients is the brother of now deceased actress Liz Taylor.  I knew this. What I didn’t know was not only the brother, but the nephew of Liz also lives in Taos, is also a friend and client of my friend Jason.   I ran into him recently. Well, both Chris & Jason. This is Chris.

I had been contracted to do work for Taos Public Schools and was introduced to Chris as he was working on one of the newest floor to ceiling large mosaic installations in a school cafeteria. Titled: From Farm to Table, this will do a great job to reminding all where our food comes from.

Of course that cow and calf caught my attention, I’ve a thing about cow art, especially Holsteins. (I lived n Wisconsin for a couple of years when I was younger. It’s The Dairy State.)

The images are drawn on the wall, and then with his guidance, students are taught how to insert the ceramic pieces onto the wall to fill in the shape.

Chris uses whatever ceramic is available, as in these reds, taken from his aunt’s Hollywood swimming pool.  This tile is from Liz Taylor’s marriage to Eddie Fisher, their backyard pool.

And this is what that red looks like from a distance: very cool dragon, huh?  Liz Taylor lives on. In Taos.

Who doesn’t love a chapter book reading dragon? I mean, all the cool dragons read. Right? So do Taos kids.

And then there’s this homage to Taos Field Trips up to Taos Ski Valley.  Yup, the road is just as steep.

Within that same Administration Building mural is this tiny mouse (look under the chair):  Chris’s nod and chuckle to the fact that the very old building housing administration offices may have seen a mouse or two in it’s day.

And here’s just a portion of that floor-to-ceiling mosaic mural: do ya see that bus?  That mouse was hiding.

Ah, at yet another school he had an amazing field of corn growing, an enormous pumpkin patch, and chil peppers with tomatos just waiting to be turned in to salsa. But I’m more fond of … this guy….

…and these two awakening from hibernation characters…

Nice work done by a nice guy helping nice kids create nice art.

Be Well, Do Good.

3 thoughts on ““Nice Work, Chris!”, his aunt, Liz Taylor would say.”

  1. What a glorious merging of art, fame, farming, and learning!
    I loved it from the first image, but then your story made it even better.
    What a great experience for the kids, too!
    I just may have to visit Taos!

    1. Agreed, fine things npmerged nicely. Thanks for noticing. Summer or Fall are best times for Taos. Perhaps a day trip from base site, Santa Fe. Also great.

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