Ice Festival, Ice Run

As if running on a frozen river at near Zero temperatures isn’t enough of a challenge, I recall one year when I found myself racing in the middle of a local Rugby team match. On ice. 

Todays race had no rugby, but that -7 starting temperature held my attention.  There aren’t a lot of races scheduled in the Rockies for January. This one, held here in our High Desert valley is a fun way to start the new race year.  Metals for this race winners are different from any others, wouldn’t you agree?  But these are every bit as beautiful as the race course itself: The headwaters region of the Rio Grande River here in Southern Colorado.  Yup, THAT river, the one where “the wall” is being discussed.  There it may be green and lush today, but here, baby we run on it, frozen ice.

And after the race we watch ice sculptors with chain saw in gloved hands carve from blocks amazing works central to a common theme: this year it was all about Pirates, as in the Caribbean kinds.

You know, like those Skeleton dudes that take control of the Captain’s wheel…. The macho pose, ego being center stage.And there’s that part of Piracy that depicts those cannons….

Bon fires follow the Artic Plunge. I opt-out of that. Polar Bears do it better than I could, (the plunge, not the fires), so why compete with ’em? Right?

Home now, warm. Spiced cider, listening to Moonlight Sonata, Clair de Lune, … you know, the good stuff.

Be Well, Do Good.

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