Bergdorf Goodman Windows

I don’t shop there, but their Holiday Windows never disappoint.  Well, there were those years when it was a constant knock to Charles, Camilla, and  William/Harry. But this year, they nailed it.

Bright and gawdy sells. And wow, was this one bright.  What kid wouldn’t devour these goodies? Both above and below?

Then there is the cotton candy maniquin thing going on. Even a French people made of cotton candy was eating, well, pink cotton candy.  Some creative person must like cotton candy? Or pink.

Then there’s a wink to all things ginger bread…

Again, I’m in. Glass of cold milk anywhere nearby?

And an all Black -n-White one here….

Check out the details: Marzapan?

And another…..

One last one, ( you might as well see ’em all), ….

Bergdorf Goodman, 2018: Nice job guys!

I hope you enjoyed them. I did, and our grandkids will. All kids do.

Be Well, Do Good.


5 thoughts on “Bergdorf Goodman Windows”

  1. It’s wonderful to have the chance to see these great places and objects, like the windows, the bridges in Central
    Park ~ places I cannot go to now. Well appreciated! You have a great eye!

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