David Bradley, Chippewa artist

I’ve long enjoyed the art of Minnesota Chippewa tribe member David Bradley.  He makes subtle – and not so subtle – commentary  about Native Americans.  Now disease and age have debilitated his ability to paint, but he has a large body of work which can be viewed, pondered, and enjoyed – or not – by viewers.

Obviously, he holds in disdain the taking of Pocahontas to England where disease eventually took her life.  The lyrics from a Beatles tune jabs at the pain suffered by many.  Note the question mark.

He uses humor to an old masters painting, giving it a New Mexico twist as Georia O’Keefe becomes the new Whistlers Mother.

His take on how some Anglo and Native Americans together have been portrayed may be viewed with deep thought, and/or, merely enjoyed.  A twist on “American Gothic” …..

And his sarcastic illustration of Land of Lakes Butter shows his resentment of using Native Americans, in this case his own Chippewa Tribe, as a marketing tool.

Beauty Pageants likewise are captured by his thoughtful stoke of the brush.

His use of light and dimension tell stories as well, as in this Southwest landscape depiction:

I don’t really delve into whether I agree or disagree with him, but his work affords me a chance to try to better understand others.  Art can do that if we give it a chance.

Be Well. Do Good.

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    1. I’m not sure if it’s Parkinson’s or something related, but health issues have stopped him recently from creating further.

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