I never really took much interest in mosaic art work until we saw amazing work in Italy.  Slowly, I’ve not only begun learning and enjoying it more, but I’ve begun doing some stained glass mosaic on my own. None of these are my works, but they inspire me. 

Theres a mosaic stained glass artist in nearby Taos, across the street from The Taos Inn, very very near the Plaza.  You’ve gotta go.  I enjoy her work. She’s great about letting me watch her and learn on Saturday mornings.

Obviously she makes it look easier than it is. But the first step is just that, a first step. One begins by trying.

Look at this: it’s not glass, rather, an acrylic, titled Taos Valley as seen right across the street from my glass mosaic friend’s studio. Wouldn’t this be an amazing glass mosaic? Wow.

And what about that very top piece in this post? Albuquerque Botanical Garden, the Children’s Garden. It’s massive, an outdoor wall mural. That light colored grout works well with it, huh?  Check out a bench near by the mural. Yup, mosaic. Tiles, not glass. But still, pretty cool, huh?

And then there’s ceiling dome piece I saw recently at the St. Louis Botanical Garden.

Its not mosiac, but rather a dome paining of a real, larger mosaic dome in the one time world-power Ottoman Empire.  Can you imagine the real thing, done in tiny tile pieces?

Theres a lady in Alamosa who converts those craft store wooden bird houses into ceramic tile mosaics. They’re impressive. I think I’ll do the same thing, but using clear stained glass mosaic pieces.   I’ll let ya know how it turns out, as well as how my current Hot Air Balloon mosaic project evolves.  Until then, …

Be Well, Do Good.

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