Jules Basien Lapage

Jules Basien Lapage captured a moment in time: youth juxtaposed against aging.  The Wood Gatherer, as seen in Milwaukee Art Museum, invites us to engage our senses. Smell the Autumn woods, musty leaves beginning to decompose. See the ruddy cheeks on his face – be it from cold and/or age. Feel the bark texture of the almost exact even-length branches.  Wince at the pain created by the oxen-yoke-like block on his neck. Hear the giggle, awe, and chatter of the little girl as she discovers yet another new thing.  Taste the acrid saliva from lack of a much needed drink of cold water.

The artist was only 31 when he painted this. Two years later he was dead. What other works might he gave created had his life not ended? It matters not. What matters is he captured a moment.

We can capture, retain, & be grateful for such moments as well.

Be Well, Do Good.

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