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“Nice Work, Chris!”, his aunt, Liz Taylor would say.

Yup. THAT “Liz Taylor”. My friend Jason grows and sells quality high protein alfalfa hay. One of his clients is the brother of now deceased actress Liz Taylor.  I knew this. What I didn’t know was not only the brother, but the nephew of Liz also lives in Taos, is also a friend and client …

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Bergdorf Goodman Windows

I don’t shop there, but their Holiday Windows never disappoint.  Well, there were those years when it was a constant knock to Charles, Camilla, and  William/Harry. But this year, they nailed it. Bright and gawdy sells. And wow, was this one bright.  What kid wouldn’t devour these goodies? Both above and below? Then there is …

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An Array of Amazing Art: Gotta see this🙂

Everytime it’s the same: Seeing his newest work for the first time begs the question, “What’s the story here?”  You know his work, you just didn’t know you know. “Jumangi” and “The a Polar Express” are movies made from his books. Chris Van Allsburg has been writing and illustrating for years.  I’ve been a fan …

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Colored Pencil Society of America

Google that title. And now it’s International Colored Pencil Society. I’ve been a member since 1994 when Colored Pencil began gathering attention as a fine art medium. My drawing and art work is still very much novice, but I so enjoy what others do. Here’s just a sample. Enjoy. Be Well, Do Good.