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Bergdorf Goodman Windows

I don’t shop there, but their Holiday Windows never disappoint.  Well, there were those years when it was a constant knock to Charles, Camilla, and  William/Harry. But this year, they nailed it. Bright and gawdy sells. And wow, was this one bright.  What kid wouldn’t devour these goodies? Both above and below? Then there is …

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An Array of Amazing Art: Gotta see this🙂

Everytime it’s the same: Seeing his newest work for the first time begs the question, “What’s the story here?”  You know his work, you just didn’t know you know. “Jumangi” and “The a Polar Express” are movies made from his books. Chris Van Allsburg has been writing and illustrating for years.  I’ve been a fan …

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Colored Pencil Society of America

Google that title. And now it’s International Colored Pencil Society. I’ve been a member since 1994 when Colored Pencil began gathering attention as a fine art medium. My drawing and art work is still very much novice, but I so enjoy what others do. Here’s just a sample. Enjoy. Be Well, Do Good.