Ah, …Biggest Little Farm

These aren’t my photos, rather, screenshots from the trailer for the movie titled: The Biggest Little Farm.  It’s coming to Monte Vista for 1 night only, next week, 04 April. I’m super excited to see it.

A young couple in Los Angeles get feed up with urban living…

..deciding to move to the country to farm.  And not just any farm. Their farm would have  not only typical farm animals, but a refuge for waterfowl, and a variety of crops, a variety of methods for raising a variety of life forms.  But when they get there, all kinds of surprises await them.

But they persist.  Confronting their challenges.

And the results are spectacular.

So, if you can, wherever you are, treat yourselves.

Look at the movie trailer on You Tube.  Enjoy.

Be Well, Do Good.


1 thought on “Ah, …Biggest Little Farm”

  1. That looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.

    If you are up for a fun read, try Don Mitchell’s “Moving Upcountry” series. He has a hysterical account of using too much nitrogen and destroying his tractor. Of course, there’s nothing funny about burning your garden crops with too much fertilizer, but it happens.

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