Scenes from Santa Fe

With winter slowly loosing it’s tight clenched grip, I’m aware we still have much cold ahead of us (followed by winds that built our Great Sand Dunes National Park), I am encouraged by longer days and the fact that Spring Training is alive and well in Arizona and Florida. Opening Day is not that far away. Colorado Rockies host the Dodgers, early April! But what’s also great is….

That’s right, home and garden tours. Regionally I’ll be going to a few, then taking in games at the Albuquerque Isotopes (yup, Sandra Lab is nearby. Not as flashy of a team name as the long-time Albuquerque Dukes, but still, good minor league baseball), the Colorado Springs Sky Sox (ah, the view of Pikes Peak behind first base is awesome), and Grand Junction Rockies.  But it’s Santa Fe with the Adobe walls & Spanish tiles that speaks to me. Where’s the water here? Ah, water is a rare commodity. We are judiciously careful with it. Evaporation is a loss.

It’s a 2 hour drive where I completely enjoy the piñons of northern New Mexico, the Sangre de Christo range as seen from the world famous Santa Fe Opera, and green chili enchiladas for lunch.  But to find rare and new botanical sights, it’s worth the drive to/from.

Some gardens go all out, as in, “if you can’t make it, fake it” such as a wall mural to replicate the Mediterranean region of Italy we came to love.

And yeah, while some varieties of wisteria grow in our high altitude desert, they are few, but clematis is a nice substitute. This wisteria vine below however, has literally begun to choke itself, despite efforts to place a pole wedge between its vines.

Every garden needs a bit of whimsy, and this one had plenty: a cherry pie slice hanging from an fruit tree.

A nod to the Orient as well ….

And gazing into into a glass globe is a nice garden thing-to-do.

An unknown variety of wild rose found its home near this tree.

The top photo when ya clicked on the name of this blog? Yeah, that’s a Santa Fe Trail wagon in front of a guest house where Lady Bird Johnson’s Mom use to summer.  Santa Fe and Taos, both, have had a lure for those of us that are smitten with wide, open skies. Just ask Georgia O’Keefe or Ansel Adams. Both flourished here.

Be Well, Do Good.


2 thoughts on “Scenes from Santa Fe”

  1. Thank you for all those photos of greenery and flowers!

    As yet more [much-needed] rain falls on the Bay Area, frost is still a frequent visitor. So many plants are awaiting warmer weather and some spring pruning. Seeing all those flowers and new growth reminds me that spring isn’t nearly as far away as it seems.

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