Color the Wind: Let’s go fly a Kite!

I was suppose to be here, in Clear Lake, Iowa this weekend.  I had my room reservation at AmerikInn right on the lake, for a year in advance. I saw this Festival highlighted on CBS Sunday Morning last year. I added it to my bucket list.  They had me at the word “color”.

But then the thoughts of flying into Minneapolis, renting/driving a car in a possible wind sweep blizzard to a little town in Iowa, then repeating it all in reverse, …. gave me pause: I’ve done this kind of thing for decades now, but now, I’m a bit leery, (or is it leary? Check it out, word history is interesting) of doing these things, especially alone.  I’m more cautious these days.  But, by the looks of this, you’re never too old to fly a kite, especially if it’s a gecko.

That said, however, I can and do enjoy virtual tours and trips via You Tube videos and google images.  So, no, these are not my own photos, but I share them with you none-the-less.

And well, why not do some ice fishing, after all, I would be on the lake anyway, right?
If lucky, I could bring home my catch on a fish string like this…

So, I’m wondering, are these kites or are they balloons?  I can’t tell for sure, but while maybe some are inflated, I doubt if it’s helium, and as in this cow kite below, I think it gathers air from its mouth, like, as in flight?

Speaking of cow kites, can you find two goofy lookin’ steers looking at ya, from behind this school of goldfish? Zoom in to see their expressions. Those there steers are up to no good.

So, yeah, Clear Lake, Iowa was the place to be this weekend, and yeah, I have twing of regret for not having gone. But, it looks cold:

Comparing the temperatures, they’re actually warmer than we are here.   But then, home cold is still, well, home.  And these photos of their Color the Wind Festival suffice.

Be Well, Do Good.

1 thought on “Color the Wind: Let’s go fly a Kite!”

  1. What a delightful splash of color on an otherwise bleak winter day!
    I know what you mean about being more cautious these days.
    Older and wiser, perhaps?
    Who knows, but thank you for sharing your virtual trip!
    Let’s all keep our eye on those two cows, shall we?
    [Love the expressions!]

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