National Garden Scheme = It’s Spring

If we lived in England, we would be attending functions that  celebrate the new years’ first signs of Springtime. In fact, right now? The Snowdrops would have actually nearly finished their blooming season.

The National Garden Scheme is England and Wales way to not only see, enjoy, and learn from other people’s private yards (gardens), but a nominal fee is charges with all proceeds going towards medical research, financing health related organizations, etc.   Now nearing 100 years, the NGS would align nicely with the aspirations of Florence Nightengale and Marie Curie.

I never knew a thing about this until I started learning about a region in England called the Cotswolds.  This was 3 years ago. 2016.  Ironically, the married daughter of our friends toured there about the same time, so my interest was heightened even more.

So you read the comments in the image above, right?  1 bulb selling for what would be the American equivalent of  $129.00.  Reminds me of that era when in Holland, Tulip Bulbs – not gold nor silver – were the standard of currency.  (The movie to see is Tulip Fever, on Netflix.).

It isn’t to say that actual Spring has arrived in the United Kingdom.  I listen to the BBC Radio 4 daily on line, I’m aware they still have cold, humid days.  Just not as cold as here, – 7,600+ feet elevation.  That said, however, I pay tribute to this, – what looks like delicate little plant, – but what is, in fact, a very resilient, tough little bugger. Much like the people of the United Kingdom itself.  What they went thru – the bombings they sustained in WW2 – and how they, like the Phoenix, rose from the ashes, is inspirational.

Like them, like these Snowdrops, we too can hang together. Supportive rather than destructive of one another.  Resilient in the face of difficulty.  Resolved instead of resigned.

Be Well, Do Good.

3 thoughts on “National Garden Scheme = It’s Spring”

  1. Through hardship, we join hands and make the world that much better.

    What a lovely sentiment, and those tiny, resilient bulbs sure set a good example for the rest of us.

    I had no idea that England and Wales were so publicly enthusiastic about their gardens.
    Here, in California, the CA Native Plant Society holds annual tours, to help show home owners how easy native plants are.

    Your post reminds me of Cape May, New Jersey. The gardens there are stunning, year round, but nothing can compete with the color and fragrance of a Cape May spring….

    1. I’m going to google both Cape May and the Calif NTive Plant Society to learn about, and possibly experience tours, myself. Much thanks.

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