Bacon Lovers: Year of the Pig

No. Not an excuse to eat more bacon. Sorry. Happy New Year, Chinese, that is.  I celebrated it recently at Bellagio Conservatory in Vegas.  Ah, the things I learned from this amazing botanical display….

I hadn’t been aware of the 2018 opening of the worlds longest bridge-tunnel structure, The Macan Bridge. It is 34 miles long and uses 4 artificial islands to span the sea just outside of Hong Kong.

Another view of this model of the engineering marvel….

And while I knew of the importance of dragons in Chinese culture I had not been aware that Lion Dragon Dancers are on stilts, a tradition dating back to the Tang Dynasty.

I liked how the display focused too upon how Chinese elders and children are revealed and held in high esteem by this culture. Here clothed in chrysanthemums and carnations children enjoy the New Year celebration.

Nor was I aware just how important Jade is in their culture, and how intricate Jade carvings are.

But now, back to that Pig theme… Kind of reminds me of Wilbur, in E.B White’s classic Charlotte’s Web.

Its my understanding that certain specified birth years are related to The Year of the Pig are promised a forthcoming year of prosperity and good luck. Mine wasn’t one on ’em. Darn it. But I did enjoy the Promise of a hardy harvest of garden veggies.

And, while at home i left behind ice and snow, this indoor botanic display was a nice respite from our cold.  And try as I have, pouring over seed catalogues this winter, I’ve yet to find bacon seeds. Bummer.

Until next time, ….

Be Well, Do Good.

Hey, but now, … how about a few closing shots, including the fountains at Bellagio:

4 thoughts on “Bacon Lovers: Year of the Pig”

  1. It was so nice to see something of Vegas other than slot machines!
    That bridge looks stunning ~ I can only imagine that it must feel like flying, driving its expanse.

    I’ll keep a look out for those bacon seeds….

    1. I’ve had nightmares of driving on such a bridge, but unfinished, I careen off the end and into Lake Michigan.
      About those bacon seeds, good plan: 4 eyes looking increase likelihood of findin’ them.

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