Rare Breeds….

Sub zero polar vortex conditions now, are reason enough to dream of Spring in Colonial Williamsburg. 3 months from now, new life will take center stage. New lambs will be born to this couple of fine looking wool producers. And, …

Red Devon milking cows like her will give birth to new calves.  Added to that, a set of New Hampshire- born arrivals will find Virginia to be there new home, as these very two were, when I saw them arrive as calves a few years ago.

Trained and groomed, they fill the measure of their creation as fine beasts of burden. Grandpa cried only 1 time in his adult life, I’m told. It was when one of his best oxen died of old age.

Winter ice will thaw, giving way to green pastures and new growth.  And I hope to be there, to mark the arrival of Spring. Yet again.

Be Well, Do Good.

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