Hoar Frost Beauty

Sub zero temps get old. Pipes threaten to freeze, frostbite can take its toll, and animals bear the brunt of it day in, day out.  But when atmospheric water crystals collect and then freeze, the result is a spectacular display of white.

I won’t pretend that I like January, but I will admit I’ve come to enjoy some aspects. Snow-shoeing recently was a peaceful experience – experienced uniquely here.  And so too, a walk with the dog, a stroll to the post office, and morning chores feeding rabbits afford me near-by sites just waiting to be enjoyed, such as, a neighbors front yard….

their rose-hedge with rose hip,

our south fence row of lilacs, taken from plants belonging to our 4 sets of grandparents: VanDruff, Mickelsen, Bodley, & Rasmussen.  Dark purple, white, beige-pink, & light purple, … each unique to each set of grandparents.  And then one new one to represent us: a Siberian hybrid variety resulting in the mixture of our grandparents’ colors. This bud will, in time, reveal a soft purple-white lilac, a composite of who we are and from whom we came. It reminds me to try to be as vigilant and resilient as were our grandparents who lived in this rough environment, not for the faint hearted.

Our lives are, compared to theirs, infinitesimally easier.  Moderan appliances, better insulations, warmer climate changes, winter-traveling to warmer places, – all make living here easier today.  That’s the purpose of that lilac hedge: to remind us that our lives now are easier, in large part because of their sacrifices, and to carry on, in tough winter times, as did they.  I speak only for myself, but those 4 couples are a hard act to follow. They taught us, by word and by deed, to keep-on-keepin’-on, because even in the most bitter of times,

the sun shines through, pervasive and stronger than the cold.  Stay warm, stay strong. And, …..

Be Well, Do Good.

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