The New Suez Canal

Reading about the construction of the Panama Canal gave a review of the Suez Canal construction. (Check out the logo above, can you find 2 water drops? Ahh, creativity. Am I right?)

Not knowing a great deal of that I put down my book and began a search of the Suez Canal.  What I didn’t know was, well, A LOT!  Such as, it was expanded and became a 2-way commerce lane in 2015.  AND that tunnels were constructed UNDER the canals.

Toted as “Egypt’s Gift to the World”, this massive canal system enables mega transports of Storeage container freight,

as well as military ships such as this U.S.A. Aircraft carrier:

And, with all of this commerce comes risks of today, hence, this:

Engineering coupled with economic power makes possible this:

And here’s some mind-bending bewildering numbers:

And as a refresher, here is where the Suez Canal(s) are:

We had been to the region but had not seen the Suez. We marveled however at the feat it had been to construct the Corinth Canal. What would the ancient Corinthians had thought of this?

What I’m learning about these canal builders is that they had optimistic attitudes. Things don’t get done without it, right? And, I’m learning too that being aware of current construction projects around the world enables me to better understand the world I live in.  We’ve become a smaller world than when I was younger. The fish we ate for supper yesterday? I traced it back to Great Britain.

Commerce.  Interdependency.  Foreign relations.  I mull this and decide anew that learning how to become more self-sufficient is not a mere hobby, as much as I enjoy it, but also, a good idea.

Will you grow some of your own fruits, berries, and veggies this summer?   Just a thought….

Be Well, Do Good.

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