Ring in the New

I have long been intrigued by the creative genius that goes behind logos.  A high school buddy, in our Art class, wrote – in block font – the word NIXON, making the O into a reel-to-reel tape- record reel. Obviously I was impressed: I still remember that. So when I saw this logo for the Chinese New Year, – the year of the pig -, again, I am impressed.  The Huntington Gardens, Library, and Museum in Pasadena published this recently as part of their February celebrations.  I’ve looked at it long and hard, impressed by how its creator(s) generated it.  Take 30 seconds to look at the simplistic details, then feel that same sense of awe.  Cool, huh?

Every New Years Eve I revisit this fine work by Lord Tennyson:

It’s just too good to not share it.  Often I watch and listen to our monarch, Queen Margarethe of Denmark, give her annual New Years address as it is live streamed on Danish T.V.   I often have to wait for its translation as she speaks quickly, but I like her messages of gratitude for the past year, and then optimism for the coming year.  But Tennyson, better than anyone, did it best.  Crawford Gates, a fine musician/composer I knew at Beloit College set the Tennyson text to music. It’s written in a minor key, but the very last word is set then to a major key, evoking Hope. Class act!

What looks like a full moon is actually a lamp post light behind a grove of Aspen at Denver Botanical Gardens recently. Stunning.

🎶”I’d like to teach the world to sing…” was a great song of hope from the past, it was the Coke campaign just before these polar bears. Remember them? Here, at Bellagio Conservatory in Vegas, they remind us peace, humanity, & respect for our planet.

Logos, theme songs, words of fine poetry…. they add to my life.

Ring out the old, Ring in the New.  Keep & cherish the best of both.  Yes?  Absolutely.

Be Well, Do Good.


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