Sunlight and Stained Glass Windows

Ah, the warmth of sunlight was immediately felt, and seen, walking into this little country church.

I had been asked to tune their piano for their upcoming Christmas worship services.  But what I didn’t expect was this beautiful generations-old stained glass nave with works of art windows.

I was taken back by the details, the colors used, and the lead work.  Clearly, these were done at a time when craftsmanship was still very much valued and honored. And they’ve lasted for generations. My great grandmother Bodley and my wife’s grandmother Vandruff were members of this congregation.

Their numbers today are small: just a band of like-minded rural folks worshipping together and sharing kindness and a warmth that equals the warmth of their place of worship.

Theres a sense of humility and purposeful heartfelt worship in this old brick church.  I drive by it nearly every day, never having given much consideration to it.

But given the opportunity to be alone for a sustained time herein has been an unexpected joy. I hope these photos convey that with you as well.

Be Well. Do Good.

p.s., I don’t know the purpose of this sloth, hanging one-armed from a speaker near the piano, he watched me constantly as I tuned the piano.  Look at the left side of this photo:

But I suspect there’s an object lesson involved; perhaps a subtle reminder to not be slothful? Or, “Hang-loose”?, or perhaps “Chill out, Go with the flow.”  Doesn’t matter. I liked him too.

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