Good Reads: as in author David McCullough

Were you lucky enough to see the 7-part series “John Adams”? Man, that was stellar, huh? The screenplay was derived from the book by the same title by historian David McCullough.  And if you saw or read John Adams, perhaps you are familiar with other works by McCullough:

My 2019 reading goal is to complete everything this Pulizer prize winning author has published.  I’ve read some, but not all, of his books. And I’ve seen him speak at History Conferences and Book Fairs. He’s often featured on CSPAN2’s weekend book programs.  He’s as interesting as a person as he is an amazing author. Now at age 85, he continues to write.  His manuscripts are always delivered to his editor and publisher as produced on his old typewriter.

I’m looking forward to not only reading 1776 again, but this time as a volume that includes tons of inserts (in this oversized edition) of various reproductive documents, maps, letters, and notes (including Benedict Arnold’s betrayal letter).  1776 is a fabulous read, I encourage everyone to add it to their list.

Im getting a head start on the year with this interesting read:

Listening while driving, then reading the text again at night helps me to visualize what McCullough teaches about 2 extraordinary brothers who said this: “All one needs in life to be happy is to pick good parents and then grow up in Ohio.”  Yeah, this is a book about family as much as aviation history. I’m loving it.  And his book about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge is equally poignant: family, strong bonds, guts and perseverance.  And so I expect to learn anew in his telling of the Panama Canal:

And also the life of President Truman. All I know about him is he reminded General McCarther who was the Chief Commander. Dad  often mentioned this, so now I’ll learn more about it.

Additionally, I’m looking forward to knowing more about that old Rough Rider:

When after the Revolutionary War we had established ourselves as a country, we also sought to create our own unique artists. Hence, several artists went to Paris to learn from the best of the time. McCullough’s latest book, “Americans in Paris” will be fun.  Also, I know next to nothing about this flood, but man, it looks to be a great read and a fun learning journey. Am I right? Yup.

I agree with him when he said this:

Here’s to those very characters we meet in books: Cheers!

Be Well, Do Good.


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