Radio City Rockettes Rocked It!

I’m back in New York for a short time. I’ll share how I do this economically in a later post.  But for now, know this: when they call this show Spectacular, they’ve nailed it.  I’ve been to lots of grand shows, but this certainly ranks among the best. Ever.  It started when I saw the camels going in the back stage doors.

Little did I know each camel would be part of the 3 Kings Entourage to see the Christ child.  In fact, I expected legs – lots of Rockettes legs high kicking in perfection – and yes, that was fabulous to see.  But I was not expecting a nativity scene.  Each King had scores of servants trailing him, including a specific camel assigned to each, in full regalia.

The entire Santa Claus thing was likewise extremely well-done. His message was centered on giving gifts of the heart, getting to  know our loved ones better, and trying very hard to be less self-centered and more caring to others. And this was done via a time-travel trip to the North Pole.

The Rockettes change into elaborate costumes all thru the performance. The side stories like above, give them time to do so. Because when they are on stage, they ALL are on stage. And perfection is the name of their game. Synchronized in detail, they do not disappoint.

The above number featured 36 dancers, spinning these blocks in synchronized fashion too and then stopping on a dime spelling Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  It’s a really great family show.

 And the venue itself is amazing: this year they added mini-flying drones, hundreds of them, in computerized formations ( remember the last Olympic closing ceremonies? Drones are here to entertain and here to stay).  The symphonic orchestral, full numbered, is most often in the orchestra pit, yes, but a stage lifts them while playing too, up, back, front, it was amazing. The hydrological engineering to do that must be massive.

I always feel very much at home in New York.  But “back home” is still best.  I look forward to being back soon.  Until then,

Be Well, Do Good.


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  1. I had always heard that the Rockettes put on an amazing show, but your words and photos have inspired me to track down tickets when I will be in Manhattan for a performance of my own. What they put into their show is far more than I had thought. Thanks for setting me right!

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