Greenhouses, British Style

Ah, those English and their Gardens! I subscribe to a magazine titled just that: The English Garden.  One of the best things about it is the advertisements for Greenhouses. And these aren’t just any little greenhouse kits.  No.  Rather, they are unique unto themselves.

Their version of “simple” is still more detailed than our utilitarian ones. Perhaps it’s because they value sunlight, given they have more overcast rain than I’m use to.

But honestly, would we ever consider using Cobalt Blue Rustoleum paint? Probably not. And yet, look how classy this is.

If you can imagine this in your backyard, if you can dream of working in this greenhouse, putzing around in it, then to these raised beds, then you must have a green thumb too.

When I was in Denmark, I was teased by the allure of seeing people use even smaller than this size greenhouse not for plants, but rather, for conversation, drinking, and evening pleasantness. Hygge (pronounced Who-guh) is roughly translated to be: “more than mere cozy.”

So, if you’ve a liking for this, consider building a greenhouse. Ours is small: 6′ X 8′, polyglass, and I’ve dug down and use steps, so like the Danes with their allotment-plot greenhouses I have height to make more green plant room.  Nothing fancy, but a great place to read during the sunny winters here, as well as start seedlings in the Spring.

Be Well, Do Good.


7 thoughts on “Greenhouses, British Style”

  1. Thanks, Chuck. Very interesting info on green houses. We have thought about building a sun room on the front of our house. Is the polyglass available here?

  2. The second greenhouse from the bottom is to die for! I could easily see a nice evening being had in there amongst all of my beautiful plants.

    Thanks for sharing!

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