San Antonio River Walk. Best known of them. But there’s others, many others. I’ve always enjoyed running on them: great paths with fine landscaping. Safe, night or day runs.  There’s a few favorite however I’ve especially enjoyed.

I love Providence and Newport, Rhode Island in the summer. Ah, what a great little state!  Taking classes at Brown University a few years ago gave me time again to run in downtown Providence durning my lunch breaks.

Clean, open, and with log-burning grates in the middle for spectacular night flame light reflections, it course right by the Rhode Island School of Design, a great place in and of itself.


And then there’s 2 fun ones in Europe that I like: Nyhavn, where Han Christian Anderson resided when he wasn’t over-extending his stay in London at the Charles Dickens home (his wife engraved in the wooden mantle, “Here the famed Danish storyteller Anderson stayed for nights, which seemed to us, like years.”

And the one where author James Joyce walked in Dublin. Only the bridges impressed me. The high and low tides made the river less than impressive, but those white-washed cast iron bridges are amazing.

Indianapolis has a great River Walk for a summer day run as well.  It’s nothing wonderful, but still, I am glad I ran it.

Milwaukee has a great River Walk too, and within its sight one of my favorite places: Usingers.  You’ve not had great German Brats until you’ve has a Usingers Brat.

But by far, my most favorite is actually within the region where I live, in Pueblo, Colorado.  I find what a hand full of innovative dreamers did to divert the Arkansas River nearby into this beautiful little River Walk to be as great at the place itself.

Anytime I’m in Pueblo, 2 hours away, I make a concerted effort to stop and either walk or run, or both depending on time of day/year.  I especially love the wrought iron work on bridges spanning the water.  I find the landscaping to be nice. And the weather is optimal, anytime if the year.  So, if you live near a river walk, if you travel be sure to see if there’s a River walk nearby. And then even if there isn’t a formal River walk, find an area near by with a river (we have the Rio Grande), lake , creek, or canal. Go.  Walk or run.  But most importantly, Enjoy!

Be Well, Do Good.

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  1. These photos are gorgeous! We are lucky to have the River Walk in Pueblo, both convenient and soothing. My favorite part of this post is Charles Dickens’ wife’s written comment about Hans Christian Andersen!

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