A Shock of Yellow

A few years ago I traveled to New England to experience Autumn colors. Squam Lake (On Golden Pond) was beautiful, no wonder the characters of Fonda and Hepburn summered there. (I saw the cabin, the cays, and that amazing foliage.)  And the Loons were beautiful, (they are endearing black & white birds with beautiful red eyes, and have an amazing call.) Being invited to participate in a Shakers Harvest Festival (1 of only 2 Shakers Communities left in America) was likewise great: Apple cider churning, dancing to 🎶Tis a Gift to be Simple🎶, wood shaving to make strips for wood weaving baskets, rag tearing to be used in intricate rag rugs, broom making from sheaves of grain, etc., …. But when driving home from Albuquerque International Sunport, and into Northern New Mexico and home here in Southern Colorado, I was amazed at the shock of shocking yellow we have here. 

Since that time, I’ve tried yearly to fully appreciate it rather than take it for granted as I once had.  The truth is: I prefer our deep, vibrant yellow to New England’s reds, rusts, oranges, and violets. Gold. We have gold here.

Be Well, Do Good.

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  1. Living in the Bay Area, we only get a smattering of the autumn colors I grew up with in New England. The pines and redwoods out here have their own magic, staying green all year, but autumn colors always remind me of childhood. The Quaker festival sounds grand! I really enjoy reading your posts.

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