Sunny Bistro Breakfast

Ah, sunny Sunday morning. You say Potato, I say Tomato (long story short: I lived in the “cockpit”room reserved for pilots near Copenhagen’s airport a few years back at Cottage Farms B&B (see link). Breakfast every morning was boiled eggs, cheese (duh, of course, it’s Denmark), tomatoes, heavy rye bread that stick to your ribs ’till well after 3 p.m., strawberry jam, and Danish pork cold cuts.So here’s my version: scrambled instead of boiled, they ARE however fresh (compliments of our neighbors $2 a dozen, yup, epic huh), tomatoes from out greenhouse (plants from SUSANS GARDENS, see blog under that title), European Bacon, homemade wheat bread with homemade jam from our berries (see Epic Fail/Epic Success: Berries post), and this absolutely amazing home made fruit smoothie (recipe here).

Birds and Bees rule the roost ’round here. The grandkids love to bounce this bouncin’ bumble bee (see my post Bees, Bees, Geez).

Ah, the sound of water completes a sailing venture that attracts the grandkids as much as the birds.

In a nod to Titanic we have our own Leonardo and Kate sailing off n blue sky seas. (See my posts about our meat Rabbits: Buck and Bart who woo spinster sisters Gladys and Louise.)

A wink to the Flamingo Fun Run we host in the Spring, complete with breakfast afterwards, here at our bistro patio.

Not Danish, but this Austrian Pine has flourished.

And ya gotta google Gipsy Kings while ya munch on that brunch!

King of the castle on his favorite throne.

Great food, great music, great company, in a fun backyard on a fun patio, for great, fun times.

Be Well, Do Good.

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