Japanese Maples

While watching a “Growing a Greener World” episode (PBS) recently I learned a great deal about Japanese Maples. Here’s the deal…

The host, Joe Lamp’l, took us to Gibbs Gardens, 1 hour north of Atlanta. Sure, I had known of Calloway Gardens there, but Gibbs Gardens? An alliteration-like play on words? Nope. It’s a place. So…..I googled it. Found the number of the gift shop, and…..

telephoned. Why the gift shop? Oh man, don’t you know? Those dudes and dudettes that work in gift shops know the dirt on everyone and everything, – everywhere, – they’re like a walking Library of Congress. Sure enough, a southern belle named Sandee answered my questions, told me a new set of new questions to ask her, which I did , – which she answered – , and well……

Yup, I’m going to Gibbs Gardens. Me and Southwest Frequent Flyers miles. ‘Tis to be a quickie: red eye outta Denver, midnight arrival and snooze at Atlanta airport, rental car and McD’s Breakfast Burrito drive to Gibbs for the entire day, evening in Olympic Park downtown Atlanta, then another red eye back to Denver.

Early November. Autumn Festival of Color, Georgia style. Twist n shout at those branches, wow!

Variegated color: like none other.

I’ll keep ya posted on the blog. ‘Till then, as always….

Be Well, Do Good.

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