Epic Fail/Epic Success: Berries

Oy vey! Karma gets ya every time.

Our neighbors are gone, that rental vacant nearly a year as its being sold. The asking price? Way Too High. It the yard went to the dogs. Literally. Public poop ground. (Not our dog, Max is way too particular). And weeds….. Holy Colorado Weed Batman! So, ….. I sprayed weeds on their side of the fence. Yup. Got the weeds good. Leached not the soil under the fence, got the raspberries good. What dies I’ll replace next year with new shoots. I’ll stay out of neighbors yards.

But, the Oregon Blackberries? Well, 2 of the 3 winter killed, BUT the strong 5 year survivor sent shots up into the apple tree above it nigh 10′ high. AND, it sent out a new shoot that’s thriving! And those berries… Well, see for yourself! Youza!

Argh. Strawberry raised beds got gutted by Purslane weed this year.

Those few that made it I transplanted into this parched ground bed, but they are tough suckers sending out new suckers of their own. Reminder to self: Mulch this winter.

Be Well, Do Good.

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