Disney Scrapped a Few Solariums

I’ve long been a member of Denver Botanical Gardens. But not long ago I came upon a new feature to the gardens in an isolated area. I couldn’t believe it. Euro- Disney had Commissioned several of these to be built, but then, for some reason, they weren’t used. Who leaves 8 solariums grated and in storage for 20 years? Mind boggling. I wanted my son to see this amazing find. I want you to see it too.

Wrought iron work…. I’ve loved it on bridges and I love it here with its powder-coated finish. There’s a craftsmanship here worthy of up close inspection. Zoom in, see for yourself.

Well, the plaque tells the story best:

So it’s sets in a secluded area of the gardens, south fence border actually, abutted next to a private residence. (Tempted: If it were my place I would have a 2-way ladder near by for night after-closing hours, where inside I would have a private midnight picnic.)

Great structure in a great place in a great city here in the Rockies.

Be Well, Do Good.

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