Remember them? Grouchy old bush-like hair brows cusses critical of everything and everyone?
I liked ’em, you liked ’em, everybody liked ’em. Why? Because we knew some real life curmudgeons exactly like these old boys.

And we liked the likes of Kermit. His innate ability to let Miss Peggy roll off his wet back was an inspiration to us. Why? Well again, because we’ve all had our share of Miss Piggy like peeps in our lives. They drove us nuts. Still do.

Remember that chicken? How could you forget that chicken? There were old gals like that whom see saw in the market, at the post office, at the Drivers License place. An opinion of and about everyone.

But there they are again, my favorites: I’m not sure which one I resemble as my eye brows grow ever thicker like theirs. But I still get a kick out them. Thanks guys, for the memories, for the laughs.

Be Well, Do Good.

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