Celosia (Common name: Cockscomb)

Monticello. My buddy Tom Jefferson’s home. Been there, done that, goin’ back this month. I first saw cockscomb growing as a border land around his massive back yard optical green (lawn). What the heck is this?

Well, it looked like a brain. Or, well, the comb of a mean Rhode Island Red fixin’ to chase me after I robbed the egg nest. Run Man!

But then at Colonial,Williamsburg one Christmas visit, I saw it used in all kinds of decor (see my posts Colonial Williamsburg and Amazing Wreaths in a Historic Setting).

Although most of them are dried at harvest time, as did Jefferson at Monticello.

So yeah, I order seeds every year, plant ’em, grow ’em, dry ’em, use ’em during the holidays.

Here’s how they look when first budding on the patio and just before I take off: Gone Fishin’.

Grown here, as well as in a yard regionally nearby, both from seed, (see my post Valiant vs. Starkness). Great plant, great colors (red/magenta pink,/yellow), great historical background (see Colonial Williamsburg post), grown in great places, near and far.

Be Well, Do Good.

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