Being Present

That’s the bus phrase. Awareness. Not taking things for granted.

Clean cotton cloths. Putting on a pair of clean cotton socks, a favorite pair of denim slacks isn’t usually a big deal. But I’ve been in the same old Levi work jeans, landscaping with corral-colored rock for ‘nigh these many years’, (well, felt like years), so starting the day with that job done, and shaved, showered, and in clean duds, ahhhh.

….and feeling that old familiarity of a favorite cotton t-shirt…….
This is good stuff.

Be mindful, be present in the moment. Enjoy putting on clean cotton, “🎶the fabric of our lives.”

Be Well. Do Good.

1 thought on “Being Present”

  1. Ah, yes. Physical labor, getting dirty, sweating until it drips on my glasses, using more muscles than usual … then on to a cool shower, drying with a towel that still smells like fresh air from the clothesline, wearing clean clothes, a refreshing drink of water, and a few minutes to think. Makes a body (and mind) feel good.

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