Bees, bugs, ants, and termites: a below ground eye view

Albuquerque Botanical Gardens has an absolutely stunning feature: their children’s garden. A huge dragon covered in moss like foliage welcomes kids, and then a winding path leads them down, as in under ground, where like ants, they explore a veggie garden. More………

Farmer McGregor’s carrot patch was a favorite rabbit hangout. But here, it’s ants that come for a midnight, or mid-day nibble.

Termite nests in earthen caverns becomes a playground for 2-legged visitors too.

Bees have a hay day in the germination garden, and so too do you!

Spilled seeds become an easy food source for ants. But it takes more than one of them to heft a pea back thru the family tunnel home.

Bill boards along the ant path to and from….

Even mites need a high rise habitat, this one with a bird house flourish.

It’s a great part of a great place in a great city here in the Southwest.

Be Well, Do Good.


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